Azamrah, Inc.

Everyone Can Learn.

A project of the Torat Natan Institute

By using the great wisdom and power of our holy Talmud, we teach children and young adults to see their incredible talents and strengths to overcome learning challenges.

Utilizing a powerful new approach called Talmud Emunah Therapy, which allows access to the powerful holy words of the Talmud for any child or young adult (regardless of background) through niggun (Jewish melody) Azamrah Inc offers one-one and group educational programs to uncover golden learning abilities and eliminate debilitating learning blocks and obstacles from severe autism, down syndrome, to any level of ADHD to any learning challenge.

"My son got great nachas and saw a blessing from working with Reuvein."

> R. Dwek of LA

"Try as much as you can [to do your program]."

> HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, Shlita

What you can expect from the program

  • Improved ability to read and translate English, Hebrew or even Aramaic (yes that's correct!) with confidence.
  • Improved ability to speak
  • Greater attention span
  • Strong Comprehension
  • Inner-Joy
  • Self-confidence
  • Overall greater health and well-being
  • Ability to play an instrument and sing! Create new melodies, sing Jewish songs!
  • Sweet bond between parent and child, after school, during Shabbat, holidays and the weekends.